The Confused Mind of a Young Hedonist

by Terra Alive

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Gian Rodriguez
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Gian Rodriguez Such an emotional album, with engaging instrumental work. Vocals may take a little getting used to- but after a listen, you'll want to jump right back into this rollercoaster. Favorite track: Health Class College Course.
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Big thank you to Kris Holland, Yvette Young, Welcome to Limerick, Hail the Sun, Kyle Moreno, Holiday Coles, and especially Jarrett Alarcon and Ryan Christianson for all that they have provided for this ep. It would be nothing without them.


released November 22, 2012

Andres Aparicio: Guitars, Piano, Keys, Vocals
Jarrett Alarcon: Bass, Vocals
Ryan Christianson: Drums
Track 1-5 recorded at Rocketship Recording Studios in Bakersfield, CA
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Kris Holland
Bonus track recorded at sonnyt69studios
Cover Art by Yvette Yvodo Young
Final Story Records



all rights reserved
Track Name: Camping
Take a long walk on a short pier
And Lose the fact I live on planet Earth with you
I know you think the sun don't shine until your ass wakes up
So I change your name in my phone to "Never Text This Person Back"

Give me an ear I swear to God I gotta tell you something
How did we end up having something special next to nothing
Sorry for the times fighting, then apologizing, and crying deny the fact that we'd be happier this way again
Can I hear your voice? Why can't we let it be
You want to rejoice, and live in mental harmony
Are you fond of me? 'Cuz yeah you're humping me
All I wanted was for you to stay loving me

Open the Box and pour out the wine
Let's take a trip to the Beach in the Middle of the night
I don't wanna talk, I just wanna touch
I don't wanna think, I just wanna drink
I don't wanna plan ahead in the future, Let's just have some fun in the present

I can't hear you for too long(unless you invite me to your bed)
Your body is shaking, I can't believe it, I've been here waiting, why is this fading, I was here, where were you?

Girl you know your body's got me throwing hunids hunids hunids hunids

It was your plan, all along, to get me drunk, with you alone, you sexted me at twelve o'clock, and I replied "Don't touch my cock!"

Where does our road go, I can't see the end
You force me to lay wide a wake in your bed
You use me for sex
I use you to have someone to talk to when I'm all alone
I'm drowning in all of these things
I'm losing you, like I'm losing myself in a lack of conversation
Does it lack of something else?
My endeavors, are the times you tried to sever

What is happy?
What is sad?
Do I truly feel either one?
I'm really glad I decided to stay sober tonight either way. Past are you checking up on me? Just in case you are, what I do I shall tweet. The scratches on my back, and the bags under my eyes: that's enough signs to show that you're just not healthy for me. You don't even have the courage to text me unless you're drunk.
Track Name: Bad Luck
Cul-de-sac, my life is like a cul-de-sac
No going straight, no turning back
The driver of this car knew, where we were in fact
I wish she would've told me that
Where the hell is my cold heart at?
Once you mentioned that there would be beer, I jumped into your car, and we drove very far

How do I get my self caught up in you again?

I had a dream, that everything would be alright
It came in the form of a girl, she could rock my fucking world
I know this girl, she's been around for all my life
I fell in love with the thought of her, ever since we kissed that night
But oh, she don't like me much
The only reason that we kissed because we were so drunk
And you came around with your liquor propositions

Your pale skin asian eyes, cute little lips, I need to sit, how could someone of a beautiful nature make me slip
And of course as you grew older you had more boys up on your shoulder, bathe in the attention that they gave, my heart is growing colder
The older we got, every little kiss we had made it harder and harder, that's why I always wanted you back
Back in my sweaty palms are you ready for me to sing you to sleep

Angry and sad, lustful and mad, your feelings for me, my feelings for you, lost and confused, what can i do, but just move on and start a new
Say nasty things that were never meant, and now I'm full of regret, and those teary eyes redefined my perspective, but I've got no safety net
And I'm very sorry for, tear drops that I made you pour, your tears created an ocean, and i'm washed up on the shore
And now I walk and rome, thinking about it all alone, never thought it would be like this, in the heat of your bed while making you sweat

I don't think you can handle my voice right now
I'll be upset with you, until I find someone else.
Track Name: Donna Troy
Let the stars align in the way that they're meant to be, I'll never force to love again
The nights we spent as hedonists, in your car, making love, I'll never forget
I'm on one tonight, meeting strangers in an empty pool, and you're still stuck in Bakersfield
And when I wake up in the morning, no missed calls, just a text that says, "I hope you're ok, I hope you stay safe"

The love that we had, when we were fifteen
Where did it go, was it just a dream?
The wine that we drink encourages us to chase feelings that don't exist anymore

If only me and you could have our own world
A place where no one else could judge the things that we do
A place where slutty girls and horny douche bags would not exist; I'll kill them on my own
A Place were we can have our separate fun, and not have insecurities of touching someone else
A Place where it's not simply seeking pleasure, but we both know there's a deeper meaning to it all

If only me and You could have our own world, I'd make the sweetest love to you, every fucking night
And Cuddle you so close I'll break your ribs, But that's okay you can have some of mine
A place just by the beach where we'll get married, and later have sex like it depended on our lives
9 months later, you'll be having babies, Every night I'll sing you to sleep
Track Name: Health Class College Course
My mom told me I should write songs to praise girls, that's what people want to hear
But every girl inside my world has made me lose faith in them all together

So I cry and I shout and I wine and I pout, about every bitch that lied and said they loved me, fucked my friends and said they're sorry, faked a baby, said they need me
Pretty faces, so misleading

Girls need love just as much as boys need to put their dick in something

Anything so I don't explode, you will do for now
Here's a secret, can you keep it?
I'll say one thing but don't always mean it
Beautiful girl you've got powers
Beautiful girl you're a fraud
I can be just as bad I know this
This can be just a teen obnoxious phase

I know every little side to you: the good, the bad
I'm drunk even after I promised you I won't, oh well
Me thinks, that the fine lady doth protest too much
I have a better idea: You calm down, I leave

You better fucking miss me, you better miss
I can do this on my own
I'm gunna fucking miss you, I'm gunna miss you
I can't do this own my own

Fuck you, you stupid bitch
You're a hedonist girl, trying to play "Mommy", just to escape your hedonist world
Track Name: The Drowning Ghost
Since I was a little boy I couldn't wait to fall in love
The movies that my mother showed taught me everything I need to know
Give her everything you have
Sacrifice a world for her
If she says that nothing's wrong, chase her down no matter how long

I ditched my friends, to hang with you
Snuck out at night, to lay with you
That summer night, in 2009, at 2:15, I touched your thighs
You placed my hands, right on your breasts
As we made out, in between breaths
You questioned if, I'd ever stop, stop loving you, as if I knew

Days went by and you kissed another boy
Weeks went by and you kissed another
Years after yeah you kissed another boy
Where was I when you kissed another boy?

The whole time you told me you loved me
Kissed me like scenes in a movie
Cute little notes between classes
How could you lie to me, cheat on me?

You lie to me, Cheat on me
Ever since you did, I haven't been the same

Since I was a little girl, Daddy told me wait around
Don't you ever stand for boys
They will always let you down
Always know that you're the queen, don't forget to wear the crown
Gracefully I walked the line, and then you caught me with your smile

With you I was more than a child
Your downtown charm, so Lion wild
I left my crown on bedside tables
Believed your lies, my mind disabled
I thought that we, were meant to be
To you I was just another thing
And with glazed eyes, I couldn't see, all demons that you hid from me

Days went by and I became your toy
Weeks went by you became a different boy
Years went by, now I don't know you boy
Now darling, don't go all coy

The whole time you told me you loved me
Kissed me like I was your queen
But there were parts of you, I'd never seen
Now I don't know what to believe

You lie to me, Cheat on me
Ever since you did I haven't been the same

We have a huge barrel of wine, but no cups to drink it
We drink anyways, and get drunk enough to spit words to fill buckets to throw at the foot of God
We dance to our own music
Sweat hair and finger tips
Lips skin and shaking hips
We have a huge barrel of wine and no cups to drink it, and they say to us, "You have NO future"
And they're correct, no one can tell us the future
The fortune Teller lies thin and dead on the floor
and no one gets their fortune told anymore

Baby I lie to you, I cheat on you
even though we did, it's "us" we really want