Sunday School​[​Single]

by Terra Alive

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released July 16, 2015

Music written and performed by Andres Aparicio
Drums and percussion written and performed by Allen Casillas
Recorded and engineered by Joe Johnston at Pus Cavern Recording Studios(Sacramento, CA)
Produced by Allen Casillas
Executive Produced by Anthony Razo
Mixed and Mastered by Casey Bates

Artwork By Joel Kirschenbaum
Logo by Peter Schreve



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sunday School
verse 1
I gotta say I hate everyone of your boyfriends
I Should've been there after all of your one night stands
dressed in Black With that dudes Neck in my right hand
A neuralizer in my left so he will forget
What you look like naked that was always only for me to know
From the moment you were born, I swear you were always only for me to know
If only me and you had stayed in Sunday School
I might've had the chance to be your only fool
I gotta spend less time on the internet, less time listening to that ignorant
trap shit that they play at the suburban middle-class parties that I spend too much time in
I need to be sober, I need that promiscuous shit to be over
I need you to know I'm the man so go tell all the boys that they'll never come over

If you Find yourself all alone, maybe I can come over later

verse 2
And I ain't no Sucker, I won't give you the time of day unless it's face-to-face
not a keyboard-to-keyboard but face-to-face
not a notification but face-to-face
My Spock Senses are tingling, they say that you are being a little illogical, a little illogical
I'll take you out to Los Osos, at the Montaña de Oro, I'll park up out in the forest where you can smell all the flores
If you need to change, I'll look the other way, and the next day we'll be fine 'cuz you know I'll say

chorus 2
If you find yourself All Alone, maybe I can come over later

She Said don't Think you're right about this moment, I said don't
Take a picture of this moment
If it's real it'll last, longer than the attention that you get on the internet
If you ever find yourself all alone(aye aye), we don't ever have to make shit complicated I'll be over later
If it's real it'll last longer than the attention you get on the internet
If you find yourself alone
I'ma do more than just stop by(aye aye), I'ma do shit like Yoda and Not try, I'ma do more than stop by baby!
I'ma do shit like Yoda and Not Try! Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh!