Moon Over La Gabriella

by Terra Alive

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All music written and performed by Andres Aparicio


released June 2, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Andres Aparicio at sonnyt69studios
Mastered by Kris Holland at Rocketship Recording Studio
Cover photo by Jeremy Gonzalez of No Image Photography
Dialogue on track 1 by Stevie Summers



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bad Luck 2
What if I followed my bread crumbs all the way back to school?
I hate it despite if I thought that the class is cool, everything's natural, me and my friends will go skating and act a fool, that shit was classical
And the Suns all I needed sir
Those days were easier
These days I need a Cure
'Cause a box full of liquids and females' insoluble
That shit's intolerable
That girl used to think I was Honorable, used to be principled...
My jr. high principal's son had a party sir
I went to that party sir...
I acted invincible
and Later that night, she's my ex at the time, called me and said I should come over

The First night we reminisced, not even a single kiss
Kudos to me for the distance I kept, despite of my drunkenness
We stayed up late watching Regular Show on the comforters
(oh no.. oh no... oh no...)
And I spoke to soon on the kudos, 'cause slowly but surely our fingers would reminisce...
Got DAMMIT, why do I do this shit?
I know that my soul is unhappy, it's why I'm a hedonist
It's why I have trouble with lessons that I should've learned when it was just me, you in your car in that cul-de-sac
your car in that cul-de-sac..
I'm done with excuses, like saying, "It's all 'cuz my luck is bad" *(listen to "Bad Luck")

How Do I Get Myself Caught Up In You Again?

This ain't a remix...
With the same characters and the same story line, but the ending is different, the next day we went to Los Angeles
We Went to the zoo
We went to the beach
There was no drinking involved, still we reminisced good times we had at fifteen

I was more innocent, I was way skinnier, my hair was curlier, you were more innocent, you were way quieter
Your mom and dad thought that you were too young for us to be together, but that didn't matter, and I can remember when we would go swimming, when your mom and dad weren't home, and your cousin was older and she would drive us to the movies and then, she would leave us alone
That summer I went to Hawaii, I had to call you from my mother's cellular phone, Sophomore year finally got my own cellular phone
I do remember the first time that you cheated on me, my pride was too week so of course I stayed with you, and you didn't know, but then I cheated on you
I cheated on you..
As Juniors we broke up, 'cause I wasn't happy, you were depressed and always so angry
I got a rebound and you dated niggaz
8 months without you's enough to forget all the reasons I left you, so I hit you up, and then you introduced me to fermented grapes that were packaged in boxes
We rekindled the fire, as freshmen's we started

We're Seniors now
I started partying more
I found out you cheated on me Junior year...
So I cheated on you some more
We broke up a couple times
We got back together a couple times...

The TRUTH is that I don't NEED wine to be HAPPY
I just needed wine to be happy with you!
The truth is I'm chasing a feeling that I haven't felt in four years because that feeling just isn't TRUE
The TRUTH is our love's not a virtue or story of honesty therefore our love wasn't true
It's why you hurt me, I hurt you
The TRUTH is that I don't need wine to be happy, 'cause deep down inside of me there is a part of me, before the PREMATURE LOVE AND BELLIGERENT FUN SCREAMING
Track Name: Captain Yesterday
It's been a year since I laid with you
It would've been two if I hadn't drank so much that night
Your body count is at an "All Time High"
My concern for you is at an "All TIme Low"

I think you're broken
I touch myself in a dark room so I'm not tempted to touch you
I think you're broken
Same goes for this girl on my screen, yet I contribute to her paid dues

The boy you're with sure looks a lot like me
The friends you spend time with are just like mine, identical...
I know you only want what you can't have
Well plan on wanting me through all the pills and one-night stands

Your body's like an hour glass but I would rather sleep than spend an hour with you

I think you're broken
I touch myself in a dark room so I'm not tempted to touch you
I think you're broken
Same goes for this girl on my screen, yet I contribute to her paid dues
Track Name: Stay Home
Hopefully by the time you die from lung cancer
I die from Liver Failure
So I don’t have to live a...


I Know our eyes are telling secrets that our tongues don’t quit have the courage to say

23, 24, 25, 26, counting each and every freckle that I’m gunna kiss
Your momma and gramma, they know I respect you, if only they knew what we do in the bedroom...
BOUND! 2 you! Cooking rice and lemon chicken every night, oreos and movie time, open up a box of wine, you smoke a bowl for mimi-time, drizzy pandora station tell me “Time for Booty Grind!”
I Would’ve. NEVER. Been a misogynist nigga, but I’m massaging you hither, always together like Smithers, and Burns
Damn. You and I have a lotta baggage and we GOTTA LET IT BUUUURN
That’s you and I
Listening to Slow Jams every night
And there’s never a reason to fight!
We drink, dance, and laugh in the night

I would NEVER take you for Granted, ‘CUZ YOU HOLD ME DOWN

God Forbid that you’d die, drowning in the ocean
‘Cuz I’d take the LONGEST walk
On the shortest pier that I’d find...


I Know our Eyes are telling secrets that our tongues don’t quit have the courage to say

I Know our Tongues are telling secrets our Bodies don’t quit have the courage to say

I Know our Bodies’ telling secrets that our Hearts don’t quit have the courage to say...
Track Name: Insurance
Well, for the last couple of months, I've been playing shows in bars
Oh how silly to expect them to recognize a talent like mine, like mine...
Oh well fuck it, they don't
But the bar scene is nowhere as exciting as anticipating Friday nights every week, our senior year in high school, when we drank 'cause we were happy
Now we drink, 'cause we're bored, with our lives, and our jobs

And I wanna brake my back, just to see you smile
I wanna break my fucking back, just to see you smile

The blacker the lungs, the rotten the liver, proceed to explain how last night you delivered, your mind to a realm of uncensored proportions, a meaningless binge with romantic distortions
and "How did you make yourself happy when you were a kid?"
Don't come near me and my lover with your absent-mindedness
On the nights we had a fire we were very lost indeed

And I stubbled all around the counter, salvaging a fallen soldier I'd encounter
Although sleep was in my best interest... I couldn't slumber 'till I figured out...
As a Child what was I dependent on to put a smile on my face?
As a child what exactly did I do when I knew I had time to waste?

I wanna break my back just to see you smile
Break my fucking back, just to see you smile...

I want my friends to be upset with me when I decide I wanna stay in for the night
I want my dad to be upset with me when he finds out who's bed I'm sleeping in tonight
I want a small sense of hostility between the one's I call my friends, and even more than that
I wanna work to survive and every bill I have to pay will be the only thing that's on my mind
I wanna hate my life because I hate my job, and take all the stress on my wife
or I want my lust for musical success to be the reason why I'm cut out from your life
I wanna call my mom so she can reassure me that I'm doing nothing wrong
I wanna live my life in fear, hoping that I'm never disappointing anyone